Yea!!!! I am not crazy anymore!!!! And neither is anyone else!!!!!

As of today, October 1st, Fibromyalgia has a diagnosis code! That makes it “real” to the medical community. So….we arent crazy anymore! I know this has been along time coming. So many people who have been suffering for so long can now breath because a diagnosis will come easier now. Well, hopefully. There will still be some skeptics until there is a way to definitively diagnose it anyway. My mom was diagnosed well over 20 years ago. This has been a long uphill battle and as much as we want to celebrate, it isn’t over yet. I wish it was. The truth is, the battle is just beginning because now we can really kick off funding and research to get where we need to be which is a real treatment and then cure. Today is a day to celebrate, so celebrate! Then join me to petition the government for more funding and research for Fibromyalgia…..Are you ready?


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