Poem for #nationalpoetryday

Dedicated to my pain and body

The Best of Me

Every day now is a fight with you,

Sometimes I really don’t know what to do,

The pain is always there, ever present and very loud,

I have let it change me. I am not very proud,

I swore I wouldn’t be like others I have known,

And sit in bed, feel sorry for myself and be alone,

It seems like no matter how hard I try,

I react with anger, fear and I cry,

I am not saying life before the pain was an easy road,

I just want to explode,

But after living like this for a few years,

Hardly a day goes by that I don’t shed some tears.

I cry for the life I feel I have lost,

The pain and other things seems like a very high cost,

So I give in and take the pills and change my activity,

The pain with touch along with other sensitivity,

I scream at my body…Stop interfering!

But my body isn’t listening,

So every day I fight that day’s battle,

I just wish these days I wasn’t so fragile,

But I keep pushing on, doing what I can,

After all I can’t work miracles only being a “wo”man,

In the end, I hope you will see,

That it didn’t get the best of me.


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