Water is the cure to manage chronic pain?

Ok…I may be stretching a little. It is not a “cure”, but I think dehydration is a large problem for us. In our coffee drinking and soda guzzling society, we dont drink enough water. Dehydration can cause a lot of problems with your health. Like what you say? The first problem that comes up with chronic pain patients is constipation. Medications can add to any normal bowel issues as well as being dehydrated. Being dehydrated can even cause insomnia because our bodies are not as healthy as they should be when we are dehydrated. So you think you are thirsty so you grab something to drink. What do you grab? Soda, coffee, tea? Those drinks will all DEHYDRATE you. Also if you wait to drink some water until you are thirsty you are already on your way to severe dehydration. To stay fully hydrated and healthy we should be drinking water throughout the day, even if you dont feel thirsty chances are your body needs the water anyway. I know you have probably heard to drink 8-10 glasses of water per day but that is not necessarily accurate. Everyone needs a different amount of water depending on your weight, medications, other drinks or foods that dehydrate you and so on. The best indicator is your urine color. It should be clear. When your urine is close to clear you know you are well hydrated and that is the goal you should set for drinking water. I keep a bottle or glass with me everywhere I go. I know some people think they dont like water. There are bottles you can buy now that have a thing to hold fruit like lemon or lime in so your water will be flavored. They tend to not be very expensive the one I bought was $8.99 at Walmart. So grab a glass of water and raise it in a toast! To your health!


One thought on “Water is the cure to manage chronic pain?

  1. I totally agree that we often overlook the importance of hydration when it comes to our Fibro symptoms. I keep a large (32oz) bottle of water next to my bed at night because if I wake up “dead” I can usually drink the entire thing upon waking and it helps. Not always right away but without it I’d probably never fully wake up. I also usually drink several bottles (20oz) throughout the day. I can tell a big difference when I don’t get enough water.

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