How do you know if your doing too much?

I dont know if you have seen the “Counting My Spoons” thing, but its about knowing your limits. I have to admit that I have trouble with knowing my limits. So that brings me to how do you know if your doing too much?

See I am one of those people who have a difficult time saying “I have reached my limit”. If I am doing something I want to finish it. If I have a big event, I try and make sure I can rest the day before and the day after, but I always seem to do too much. I end up hurting. Sometimes for days on end.

So I have been thinking. Do we have warning signs? Like feeling more tired then usual. Or do you feel pain somewhere that isnt normal for you? I think I develop headaches. I have noticed more headaches lately but then again I have been doing more lately.

I guess listening to our bodies is one part of the equation. When they start saying hey your doing too much! We actually have to stop, right? I think that is the part that I have trouble with. What about you guys?




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