Food for Thought

I have read a lot of articles about food and how it relates to pain and inflammation. There are so many foods that I have been told not to eat. Gluten, Red Meat, Nightshade plants (like tomato’s, eggplant and other vegetables and fruit that grow in the ground) and sugars.

I start thinking “then what do I eat”? I love steak, tomato’s and bread products! I couldn’t do the Atkins Diet because you have to cut carbohydrates.

Apparently all these things cause inflammation. So do I abstain from these foods? I have tried the Gluten Free thing and I didn’t notice any difference. I haven’t tried the others yet. The way I look at it (and maybe this is wrong) there is so much I can’t do anymore that I dont want to give up anything else! Including foods I love.


One thought on “Food for Thought

  1. I feel the same way. I have not given up any food groups. I just make sure 90% of the time I eat anti-inflammatory foods. 10% I eat foods I want. The only thing I have given up completely is soda.


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