New Year New Me!

So its the last day of 2015. Tomorrow begins a new year. A lot of people out there are getting ready to make New Year’s Resolutions. After years and years of doing that I have realized it just set’s me up for failure. So I have decided that my goals are not year specific but just a goal for me to accomplish.

What does this have to do with my fibro? Well I have recently started to try and reduce my medication. I want to be on less meds. I have lowered my pain med, muscle relaxer and my anti-anxiety meds. Fingers crossed and prayers I can continue this effort.

In trying to do this I have started a new med called Savella. It is approved in the U.S. for fibro but in the U.K. it is an anti-depressant. All I can say is it is helping my fibro pain so I can hopefully reduce or eliminate my opiate pain meds.

I am going back to work next week after three years of not working. I am anticipating pain and fatigue. It will work or it wont but I am going to try. I am taking vitamins and my Savella and as with all New Year’s goals we will have to wait and see what happens!


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