Focus On The Positives

September is Pain Awareness Month. As a U.S. Pain Foundation Advocate I am doing the Pain Awareness Month Challenge. Today’s challenge is focus on the positives. For every negative that happens find 3 positives. That is like positives pouring from the sky! So I thought hmmm….(picture me thinking). I do focus on the negatives alot. Like what I cant do anymore and what my life lacks now. So here goes (picture fingers crossed)!

So one of the big positives in my life is my husband. I am part of a local support group and an online support group and I cant count how many times I have seen other people post my husband doesnt care, my wife doesnt understand, my parents… siblings….my whoever…..My husband hates that I have to go through this but at least he is trying to be supportive like we moved a few months ago. I tried to go register my daughter in her new school and they said I had to walk all over the school which I cant do. So my husband took her the following day and he has never taken her to school to register her before. And she is in high school.

So who in your life is supportive? It may take some time to think about how supportive they are. Believe me I wish my husband was a little more supportive, I do. But looking at the positives means find just one thing and build from there. Instead of nagging said husband, wife, whoever say: I am so glad you helped me with this (fill in the blank) and thank you. Remember to be grateful for what they do for you. I know for me it gets hard sometimes and I just want to scream “hey cant you see I cant do this!!!” Instead I calm myself down and ask for help and tell my husband “thank you” and I think that has helped us to get this better point where he is more supportive.

What other positives do you have in your life? Think about it, maybe write it down? Maybe remind yourself on a daily basis? I know I have to!


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