Travelling With Chronic Illness or Pain

Hey all! So I am currently planning a short, just a few days, family vacation for our 17th wedding anniversary coming up in November. Which just a few years ago would have been no problem. I wouldnt have batted an eye. The arrangements would have been done and we would just have fun. Except, now I have to deal with my pain. There is so much more to travelling with chronic pain. These are just some tips or tricks I have discovered for travel with chronic pain or illness.

  1. Make sure you pack all your meds and a few extra med supplies just in case you get caught in a situation where you cant return home right away.
  2. Take comfort items to help while you are away from home. One of the things I like to take is my own pillow. When I am in a car or in a hotel, having my pillow makes me feel more comfortable.
  3. Take any assistive equipment you need (i.e. cane, walker, wheelchair). I learned this one the hard way. Never assume you can rent or borrow any equipment you might need.
  4. A forgiving attitude! Travel can be difficult under the best of circumstances. I seem to always have some issue when we travel so I try and remember to be forgiving and gracious it can make the difference between a trip from you know where and hey its not the best trip but it certainly could have been worse!
  5. Try and rest before you leave. Vacation is supposed to be relaxing but it never seems to be! I know for me and my family when we go on vacation we are trying to pack in the absolute most we can get. I get tired more easily now because of pain, medication side effects and I try and keep up with everyone else which makes me more tired.

Just remember to have fun! And try not to take yourself too seriously…


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