Fibro and Anxiety

So my daughter asked me a week or so ago…What do I do when you have an anxiety attack mom? I have to admit it happens more then I would like…I get upset, normally because I cant do something, and start crying. I get myself very upset and I cant seem to calm down. So what helps those of us with anxiety? Well I have to say for me what helps is…

  1. Distraction- yup good ole “Lets focus on something else!” Like watch a funny movie, read a book, color in a coloring book (It doesnt have to be one of those crappy adult ones. I have plain old kids ones), listen to music, journal or anything to get your mind off whatever the problem is.
  2. Talk about it with someone-like a counselor, friend, significant other or anyone who will listen.
  3. Blog about it!-Hey it works…..its one of the reasons I started just to have an outlet to express myself.
  4. Visualization- This is a fancy word for think about a place you want to be. Close your eyes, see it, hear the sounds of it, the smells, how does it feel? Like I picture me and a car, a convertible, music blaring, sunny and like mid 70’s, no speed limit, open road, nobody on it but me….I think about how happy I get when driving: the wind whipping through my hair and music pumping and blaring and nobody in the world but ME!
  5. Breathing!! Focused breathing if that is all you can muster can be particularly useful. Focus on your breathing. Feeling your chest rise and fall. Focus on each individual breath.
  6. If all else fails maybe consider medication. I did this for a while and it helps, but its not a long term solution and should only be used if you cant calm down any other way.

These things work…if you do them…The visualization takes practice and you should probably practice when your not in the middle of an anxiety situation. Practice at bedtime. You can practice 4 and 5 together! Have fun! Thats the key….


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