Reflections On My Fibro Journey

So today is my birthday……I am turning 38. Thats a good time to reflect on where I have been and my journey ahead. Having health problems creates a unique experience because we live life different from healthy people. I have friends and family that dont have to plan vacations, family activities and work around pain and medications. That is a life that is gone from me now. But I dont want people to think I only focus on the negatives. I dont. There are multiple good things too.

Like I used to multi-task and do several things at once. I cant do that now but…and its a big but…..I can focus more and pay attention to what I doing or who I am spending time with now more then I used to. Having fibro or any other chronic condition it has also changed my focus. I dont look so much at other people and worry about my “image” to them. I dont care anymore. I dont have to be the perfect wife, mother, whatever I used to be. Now I can just be me.

It makes life much clearer as to the important things..Like spending time with my daughter, my husband and together as a family. I am not focused on the “rat race” anymore. I just want to be in the moment and experiencing whatever is happening in my life. I think that is the true key to peace and happiness. Be in the moment. Whatever is going on. And breathe.


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