Fibro and the Holidays….

So Halloween is over and now comes the mad rush to Christmas! If your anything like me you want to fix a whole Thanksgiving meal by yourself, have a terrific Christmas Party, cook the most picture perfect Christmas dinner and party New Year’s Eve away.

Now in reality that wont happen because after 5 years of going through this every year, I have started to realize that stuff isnt what matters. Spending time with my daughter and husband, friends I havent seen in months and extended family I see once a year. That is what matters. Here goes….

  1. Even if you have to get a pre-bought meal or go out…eat Holiday meals with family. The time you spend talking and laughing and taking silly selfies is what matters. Not who cooked.
  2. Remember to take care of yourself-you cant be there for your family if you dont take care of yourself. So drink plenty of water, rest and take some time during this very hectic time to RELAX!
  3. Enjoy yourself-Being as a perfectionist as I am, I want everything to be perfect. (Duh, perfect is the root lol) But your kids, spouse, mother in-law, cousins, or whoever in January they wont care how Christmas turned out. They will just care that you were there and had fun!
  4. Make memories and start a new tradition- Just because it is always done a certain way in your family…doesnt mean it has to continue that way…Start a new tradition, where instead of one person doing everything, the host does the main dinner item i.e. turkey or ham. And everyone who comes brings a side or dessert. Make your holiday festivities fit you!
  5. Most of all be present and forgive yourself! We cant do everything but oh do we try…I used to try and make Christmas the best time of year and have everything go right but you know what everyone remembers? The funny stuff, being together and having fun! Forget how you think it should look and make it look right for you!

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