Gabapentin and Savella Review

Ok so I have taken a few meds for my fibro. I took Savella and Gabapentin. Just so you understand the Savella was specifically prescribed for my fibro and the Gabapentin which is a neurological med was prescribed for anxiety for me.

The Savella seemed to help alot. It is only approved here in the U.S. for Fibro but across the pond in the U.K. it is an anti-depressant. I have depression so my doc was hoping it would help me two-fold. I am not sure if it helped with my depression, but it helped so much with my pain. I took  a low dose for a few months then my doc jumped it up high.

I didnt experience side effects with the low dose but I did when he jumped it up. I started getting dizzy spells. My doc thought it was a combination of my meds so I ended up being take off of several. It was also pretty pricey.

The Gabapentin initially worked very well for my pain. I noticed a benefit so my docs jumped me way up on it quickly. I did have some weight gain and after a few years the benefit decreased so they took me off.

Just remember, meds work different for different people…..Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and try it!


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