Fibro flares…what are they?

I have been thinking a lot about flares lately because last month I started feeling this intense pain and muscle spasms like I have never felt before. Every time I have had a period of higher pain where my doctor said it was a flare that became a new level of constant pain for me. See I think the word flare is a misnomer because a flare by definition goes away.

I have been doing my own research about what constitutes a flare and the only thing I can find is that its different for everyone. Time,pain level, any other symptoms that go with it. Some get headaches with flares, some dont.

Its just one more thing that comes with fibro that there is no answer for, no way to really treat it and causes those of us with it to have to stay in bed for days on end. So in my continuing effort to find out more….how bad do your flares get and does anything help?


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