This Is A Rant….Beware!!!!

Ok so you know what I am sick and tired of? Besides being sick and tired all the time….is doctors!!! And insurance companies!!! These people make a TON of money and are supposed to help us…but do they? I havent felt really helped by a doc in a long time. You go and give these people your hard earned money and they are supposed to help you feel better. Most of the time they have no clue and send you off to some other doc who has no clue…does a bunch of testing and guessing and maybe you’ll get a treatment or a medicine that helps for a little while…Maybe….

I had a pretty decent PCP that I trusted and then I had to move to a different part of my county last May. Well my insurance doesnt come out to this part of the county….So I had to change and they had 4 doctors. And 2 of them refused to see me because I had been on a controlled substance earlier in the year. So doctors are now refusing to see people if they are on pain medication. So I decided to wait until open enrollment to change insurance because there were a few more docs on this different plan. But they arent taking new patients. So I havent seen a primary care in almost a year…I am having some very severe issues right now. I have been to ER or Urgent Care over 5 times in the last 2 months.

And I still cant find a doctor. Because I am on a Medicare HMO in a rural area where there are no doctors that take Medicare HMO’s. I need to see a doctor so what do I do? I cant afford to pay out of pocket.We need someone to fix this and other issues in our medical treatment and community. Write to your congress people demanding a complete overhaul of medical practices in the United States. Use the following websites to find your Congress people. Speak up let your voice be heard. Let them know we need a significant overhaul to our medical system.






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