Why is Fibro still a curse word?

So its 2017. We as people as a society have made some major medical breakthroughs. We can transplant organs, reattach limbs, basically bring people back from the dead. So why is fibro still essentially a curse word?

I just went and saw my pain management doctor this week and he has decided my new treatment is Tylenol and trigger point injections. He says that works better to manage pain then narcotics. Ok I said I would try it…but I had some questions…

How long do the injections last? Well that depends on your body….he says that the reason narcotics work well is the Tylenol they mix in. Ok well I just want to be out of pain so however that can be accomplished I will try.

I am always seeing posts on social media about the narcotics this and narcotics that and people wonder why we dont want to stop our pain meds….Well duh because we dont want to be in pain!

When I am talking about my chronic medical conditions as soon as I mention Fibro they give you that “oh your just a druggie” look. It makes me so angry!!! No I dont want drugs I just want to be out of pain….so develop something that will block the pain receptors but not make you high! Why is that so difficult?

So coming into this years Fibromyalgia Awareness Day and then later in September Chronic Pain Awareness Month lets tell the medical community to urge the researchers to come up with a high free pain blocker!!! Because we dont want to be forgotten, lost or left behind…We just want a day without pain!


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